Code of Conduct


1. This code applies to members of Sharks Sports Trust which for the purposes of this code are deemed to include: a) Any Committee or Associate Committee that is a financial member of the Trust or Associate Member; b) Persons who pay an affiliation fee to Sharks Sports Trust; c) Any other persons who are officially recognised by the Trust through financial membership. d) All officers, volunteers, employed staff of Sharks Sports Trust.


2. As a member of Sharks Sports Trust a certain standard of behaviour will be expected of you. This reflects the basic requirements of: a) professionalism and integrity needed to ensure that a quality product & service is provided to all members and the public, and that a pleasant and safe working environment exists for all staff; and b) courtesy and respect to be shown to all members and the public.
The purpose of this code is to assist you to know and understand the standards of behaviour expected of you.


3. Where there is a shared expectation between The Trust and its members, Sharks Sports Trust can operate effectively and provide a quality product and service to its members and the public.
This is a two-way commitment and benefits both Sharks Sports Trust its employees and members when expectations are met.
Set out below is a summary of the expectations that the Sharks Sports Trust has of you and the expectations you can have as a member of the Trust.


4. Sharks Sports Trust has an obligation to behave in a fair and reasonable manner towards its members. Sharks Sports Trust is committed to ensuring that the following member expectations are met: a) quality participation opportunities in all levels of the sport or activity b) quality technical resources, services and training in coaching, refereeing & playing c) effective communication of information d) freedom from being harassed or unlawfully discriminated against e) appropriate disciplinary and dispute procedures, and the opportunity for redress against unfair or unreasonable treatment by Sharks Sports Trust or any of its members.


5. This Code of Conduct describes the standards of behaviour expected of all members of Sharks Sports Trust.
Behaviour or actions (as outlined in this Code) that are considered unacceptable by the Sharks Sports Trust or its members may result in disciplinary action against the member concerned through the Sharks Sports Trust Judicial, Disciplinary and Appeal Procedures as approved by the Trustees.


6. Principles The Code of Conduct establishes three principles of conduct which all members of Sharks Sports Trust are expected to observe:
a) Sharks Sports Trust members should fulfil their lawful obligations to the Trust with professionalism and integrity.
b) Sharks Sports Trust members should perform their official duties honestly, faithfully and efficiently, respecting the rights of the public and their fellow members.
c) Sharks Sports Trust members should not bring The Trust or any of the associated sports into disrepute through their activities. Activities outside the Sharks Sports Trust are unlikely to be acceptable if they damage the standing or reputation of the Trust or the sport it represents.
More particularly members of Sharks Sports Trust are expected to observe the following principles:
7. During the term of your membership with Sharks Sports Trust you have a duty to treat your fellow members and the public with courtesy and respect.
This means that you are expected to:
a) respect the privacy of individuals when dealing with personal information b) not unlawfully discriminate against or harass your fellow members or the public on the basis of their gender, age, disability, marital status, ethnicity, religious or ethical beliefs or sexual orientation; and
c) not engage in any form of sexual harassment either verbal or physical behaviour of a sexual nature which is unwelcome to the receiver and is embarrassing or intrusive. Some types of behaviour constituting sexual harassment would include sex orientated jibes or abuse; offensive gestures or comments; unwanted and deliberate physical contact; requests for sexual intercourse including implied or overt promises for preferential treatment or threats concerning present or future prospects for other related activities; the use of pictures/posters of a sexual or intimate nature; persistent and unwelcome social invitations, phone calls or mail; or obscene phone calls.
8. Behaviour that would be considered unacceptable by Sharks Sports Trust includes; but is not limited to the following:
(a) repeated or serious breaches of the Playing Rules or policies set down by the sport;
(b) the consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs which may affect performance or conduct either physically or behaviourally. This is particularly so when dealing with players or teams who are under the age of 20 years of age;
(c) misuse, abuse or improper use of your position, or powers that may be delegated to you;
(d) unsportsmanlike conduct, for example the use of abusive, obscene or threatening language or behaviour to your fellow members or the public;


9. Sharks Sports Trust is concerned about identifying problems associated with behaviour, and making sure that the process for fixing those problems is fair, prompt and consistent. To promote these goals the Trustees has developed the “Sharks Sports Trust Judicial, Disciplinary & Appeal Procedures”.
In general, disciplinary procedures include informal or formal disciplinary action along the following lines:
a) Informal Investigation I. Discussion of the problem with member/s concerned
II. Assistance to help overcome the problem;
b) Formal Disciplinary Action I. As set out in the provisions of the Trust Deed dealing with misconduct and also in the “Sharks Sports Trust Judicial, Disciplinary and Appeal Procedures” as approved by the Trustees.
II. Initiated by lodging a written Incident Report within the relevant time limit of five working days] with the representative of the Module/Sport/Associate Member/Sharks Sports Trust as appropriate.
A member may lodge a complaint about the conduct of another member where they believe that there has been a breach of the Sharks Sports Trust Code of Conduct.
You can obtain a copy of the Sharks Sports Trust procedures on such matters from 44b Amorino Drive, Red Beach.